5 Hot Swimwear Looks for the Tribal Priestess

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Fierceness is your middle name.  You slay dragons in your sleep and swim with dolphins by day.  You're multifaceted, navigating deftly through the realm of human emotions while leading a movement for social change.  You supercharge your effervescent intensity through meaningful sisterhood and ritual.  Here are 5 gorgeous tribal swimming suits to match your unrivaled beauty.

Brigitte Navy and Turquoise Tribal Print Triangle Top Ripple Bikini

Brigitte Navy Blue Green Turquoise Tribal Print Bikini with Padded Triangle Top and Cheeky Ruched Scrunch String Bottom

Color opposition theory is real and it's working with this pretty bikini set.  Blue and turquoise tribal print swimming suit gets adorned with orange trim, cute orange tassels, and gold beads.  Adjustable triangle top with removable padded cups and cheeky, ruched bottom.  

Salinas Zulu Stripe Triangle Ripple Bikini

Salinas Bright Stripe Tribal Print Brazilian Ripple Bikini with Triangle Top and Cheeky Ruched Scrunch Bottoms 

If the Maasai were coastal, they would wear bikinis like this.  Super gorgeous color palette for a tribal vibe.  Cow's milk and blood  beverage optional.  Matte Rosset Lycra and custom beadwork.  Padded top, fully removable, and cheeky, ruched bottom to contour the bum.  

 Agridoce Caraiva Triangle Bikini 


Vibrant tribal print two piece bathing suit on super soft polyamide blend.  Cheeky string bottom with seashell charm and tassel detail.  Removable padded cups.  


Cia.Maritima Green and Turquoise Tribal Sketch Print Triangle Ripple Bikini 

Cia Maritima Green Turquoise Tribal Print Triangle Top Brazilian Ripple Bikini with Cheeky Ruched Scrunch Bottom

Hand sketched tribal print ripple bikini from Cia Maritima with glass beads and cheeky, ruched bum.  Designer swimwear from Cia Maritima features a blend of premium Rosset Lycra with Xtra Life Lycra for superior durability and Solar Max SPF50 UV Protection.

Cia.Maritima Turquoise Sketch Print Triangle Ripple Bikini 

Cia Maritima Turquoise Yellow Tribal Sketch Print Triangle Top Brazilian Ripple Bikini with Cheeky Ruched Scrunch String Bottom

Same womens bikini set, different colors.  Flattering colors and silhouette for any body type.


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